The Everything Humanly Possible (EHP) Matrix

A Model of Human Experience

the everything humanly possible matrix

Matrix: something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form
̴ Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

We designed the EHP Matrix to offer clarity on the levels and functions of human experience.

Our graphic shows these levels and functions as rings, with waves representing spirituality and unconscious processes flowing out from the centre through every level of our experience.

In reality and function, all aspects of our experience are parts of a cohesive whole. No level is separated off, doing its own thing. Each can and does affect another or all of the others, to greater or lesser degree, in a system of neurological interaction.

In the centre – our beginning – is Instinct, our least obvious or visible aspect. Instinct, along with Intuition and Sensing make up the unique way in which we perceive the world and our place in it. This becomes Our Story. As we travel through the levels, the functions become more available to our awareness. Our Story is the basis for how and what we think, our Thinking creates our Feelings, and our feelings drive the aspect of human experience that is the most obvious and visible, both to ourselves and others – the culmination of the EHP Matrix, our Behaviour.

(While any of the levels might be considered behaviour, in order to understand how best to change or optimise our experience, behaviour is most usefully identified as the end product of all of the layers.)

In our new book, Think Feel Do - Everything Humanly Possible, we take you through the layers of human experience to give you a deep understanding of how you became you.

We show you how to bring unconscious patterns and wisdom to the surface and give you the skills to reprogram anything you are thinking, feeling or doing that you would like to be different.


the everything humanly possible matrix

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