What's NLP anyway?

Understanding why we do what we do

NLP is about how our thinking is structured, and how to change our thinking to get the results we want.

Neuro = Brain & Nervous System

Linguistic = The language we use to communicate with ourselves and others

Programming = How our patterns of thinking and behaving are shaped

NLP works at the neurological level, making it easier to quickly achieve lasting changes to how we think, feel and act. Such change becomes possible because of neuroplasticity - the brain’s amazing ability to change itself. Gone is the long-held belief that adult brains are fixed and unchangeable; the latest discoveries in neuroscience confirm that our brains constantly change in response to everything we do, everything we experience.

Now you can become an active participant in the way your brain changes, to match the life you want.

Minds and brains, while interconnected and interdependent, each capable of change, are two different things. A brain is a tangible, physical thing, but as far as we’re aware, no-one has yet managed to see or hold a mind...

NLP co-creator Richard Bandler explains:


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